360 Youth Services – Assisting Youth in the Chicago Area

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360 Youth Services
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A graduate of the University of Illinois College of Pharmacy in Chicago, Ted Gladson has helped numerous pharmacists in the Chicago area develop business plans to open a pharmacy. In his free time, Ted Gladson contributes to 360 Youth Services.

Located in Naperville, Illinois, 360 Youth Services serves youth and families through a diverse array of programs. The organization offers counseling by trained therapists who help youth with issues relating to their home or school. In addition to providing individual assistance, 360 Youth Services reaches youth and their families through educational groups focusing on a variety of topics, from depression and anxiety to low self-esteem and family conflict.

Another key component of 360 Youth Services is its substance-use prevention programming. The organization uses widely recognized programs based on best practices, including The Power of Choice and Youth Prevention Education.

360 Youth Services also provides housing to young adults aged 18 to 24 with no place to live, as well as to teenage boys aged 13 to 17 who cannot live with their parents. During their stay, they participate in counseling and programming focused on life skills.


360 Youth Services Relies on Donations and Volunteer Support

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360 Youth Services
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A retired Chicago-based business leader, Ted Gladson founded Gladson Interactive, a store design and merchandising company he led for over three decades. Alongside his professional pursuits, Ted Gladson has always found time to support national and Chicago-area organizations, including 360 Youth Services.

In its efforts to give young people the skills needed to attain success, 360 Youth Services offers various programs and services focused on counseling, housing, and substance abuse prevention. Those who would like to support the organization in this work can get involved in a number of ways.

Along with accepting one-time and recurring monetary donations, 360 Youth Services gladly welcomes donations of household items. Currently, the organization is in need of items for every room in the house. Listed among the group’s wish list are dishes and other kitchen supplies, furniture, bedding, and personal care items such as shaving kits and hair dryers.

In addition to donating money and goods, 360 Youth Services supporters can volunteer their time as a mentor, tutor, or member of the group’s board of directors. Volunteers can also participate in or support the organization’s various fundraisers, including its Annual Gala, which takes place in November. More information about how you can support 360 Youth Services can be found by visiting www.360youthservices.org.

Wounded Warrior Helps Vets Eat Healthy

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Wounded Warrior
Image: newsroom.woundedwarriorproject.org

Chicago-based entrepreneur Ted Gladson founded Gladson Interactive, where he also served as president before selling the company in 2005. While there, he led the organization in developing custom merchandising and store layout solutions for its clients. In addition to his professional work in the Chicago area, Ted Gladson is a longtime supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project.

In an effort to help veterans more easily adjust to life outside of the military once their service is over, Wounded Warrior Project spearheads a number of initiatives that are designed to educate and empower veterans to make smart choices. One of the programs the organization offers is based on developing smart eating habits, as the less-demanding routine of civilian life can often lead to weight gain.

One of the key strategies that Wounded Warrior espouses on this front is finding out what healthy items exist on a menu before heading to a restaurant. That way, the veteran can craft a meal that is calorically suitable and tailored to his or her dietary needs. It is important to reinforce this practice by being the first to order food at the table in order to avoid temptation by the choices of others. For more information about Wounded Warrior’s nutrition programs, visit http://newsroom.woundedwarriorproject.org/BigGameSnacks.

360 Youth Services Wins Drug-Free Communities Grant


The Wounded Warrior Project’s Soldier Ride Program


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Soldier Ride
Image: woundedwarriorproject.org

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Ted Gladson is the founder and former president of Gladson Interactive, and was inducted into the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame for his work with the store design and merchandising company. Outside of his professional life, Chicago’s Ted Gladson is a proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project, which strives to help wounded service members readjust to life at home.

One of the Wounded Warrior Project’s many programs is its Soldier Ride, a four-day cycling excursion open to all veterans who qualify for WWP assistance. The Soldier Ride welcomes riders of all skill and ability levels, offering adaptive cycles for riders with a disability or limiting injury.

The four-day event starts with a lunch and bike fitting before warriors spend the evening getting to know their fellow service members who will accompany them on the ride. The second day features a 10 to 15-mile ride designed to give each warrior the chance to evaluate their bike for day three’s longer ride.

On day three, warriors are invited to challenge themselves with the program’s main ride, which consists of 15 to 20 miles of riding or more. Finally, day four ends with a breakfast event and farewell gathering. To learn more about the Wounded Warrior Project and its Soldier Ride program, visit the organization online at woundedwarriorproject.org.