ted-gladson-chicagoPharmacist and entrepreneur Ted Gladson has spent the majority of his life and career in Chicago, where he founded Gladson Interactive. The company, which Ted Gladson sold in 2005, focused on store design and merchandising with an emphasis on product image, dimensional databases, and image planograms.

Since receiving his BS in pharmacy from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Mr. Gladson has assumed teaching responsibilities at not only his alma mater, but also the University of Utah. He has also led numerous seminars on retail pharmacy management and completed a videotape series for not only colleges of pharmacy, but state and national associations as well.

Moreover, Mr. Gladson has written extensively on pharmaceutical issues; in addition to having co-authored Drugstore Guide to Selling and Merchandising, he has penned numerous articles and columns for various publications, including Strictly Business Magazine and Drug Store News. He counts the Chicago Retail Druggist Association and what is now the American Pharmacists Association among multiple professional associations with which he has been affiliated.